Victoria Subclass 190 Skilled Invitations

The Victorian State government has released on 31 August 2021 information about the first 170 successful invitations who applied for their subclass 190 visa nomination for the 2021-22 program. These invitations were sent to the best candidates working in six different sectors. Whilst the Health sector did feature strongly, 62 per cent of invitations were sent to candidates working in other sectors.

Advanced Manufacturing951) Mechanical Engineer
2) Engineering Technologist
3) Electrical Engineer
Agri-food901) Food Technologist
2) Mechanical Engineer
3) Engineering Technologist
Health901) Medical Practitioners NEC
2) Resident Medical Officer / Physiotherapist
3) Occupational Therapist
Life Sciences951) Secondary School Teacher
2) Food Technologist
3) Chemical Engineer
Medical Research901) Software Engineer
2) Biomedical Engineer / Industrial Engineer / Life Scientist NEC
New Energy, Emissions Reduction and Circular Economy951) Electrical Engineer
2) Mechanical Engineer
3) Developer Programmer / Engineering Technologist
* Please note that candidates considered to be Outstanding Talent may have less than the lowest points stated

Please visit our webpage on Subclass 190 visa for more information on the visa requirements. You can also find the current State nomination status for each State here. Please contact us for more information, and remember to share our updates.

Source: https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/news-events/news/2021/skilled-migration-update-roi-selections

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