Main Eligibility

  • Requires invitation to apply for the visa
  • Invests AUD5,000,000 in complying significant investments in Australia and hold for 4 years
  • Genuine intention to reside in the nominating State or Territory

Main Conditions

  • For offshore applicants, first entry must be made before the date specified by the Minister

Main Eligibility for Permanent Resident Visa

  • Either the applicant has been in Australia for at least 160 days in 4 years or the spouse/de facto partner has been in Australia for at least 720 days in 4 years
  • Have held your AUD5million complying significant investment for the whole period

Did you know?

  • There is no age limit for this visa
  • Complying significant investments include AUD500,000 in venture capital funds, and AUD1,500,000 in emerging companies investment funds, and remaining in one or more balancing investment funds
  • You must live in Australia for at least 40 days each year (or your partner must live in Australia for at least 180 days each year) to be eligible for Subclass 888 permanent visa

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