Main Eligibility

  • Requires invitation to apply for the visa
  • Be less than 55 years old (exemption applies)
  • Has Competent English
  • Undertaking, or proposing to undertake, a complying entrepreneur activity
  • Genuine intention to undertake, and continue to undertake, the complying entrepreneur activity in Australia
  • Has sufficient business and personal assets to settle in Australia

Main Conditions

  • For offshore applicants, first entry must be made before the date specified by the Minister
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the nominating State or Territory

Main Eligibility for Permanent Resident Visa

  • Be in Australia for at least 2 of the 4 years
  • Have a successful record of entrepreneurial activities

Did you know?

  • To be considered complying entrepreneur activity, a number of criteria must be met, including there must be at least AUD200,000 in funding (for example, funding can be from Commonwealth agencies, Venture Capital Limited Partnerships, etc.)
  • The entrepreneur activity must relate to an innovative idea (an idea must lead to business development or commercialisation of a product or service in Australia)

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