澳洲商業投資移民 188 及 132 突發更改詳細


1. 三類澳洲商業投資移民簽證將會停發

The following 3 streams will be closed:

  • 優質投資者移民 188D
  • ** 傑出營商人才 132A(目前唯一的一步拿永居簽證)
  • 風險投資企業家 132B

It is important to note that it means Business Talent visa Subclass 132 will no longer be available. You can visit our website here for more information about 132 visa as one of the key benefits of 132 is that it is a permanent resident visa whereas the 188 visas are all provisional visas with pathway to permanent residency.

2. 五年簽證和三年PR

  • 所有 188類別商業投資臨時簽證的有效期將從四年更改為 五年。即簽證申請人有更多時間滿足888的簽證要求,特別是188A的營商要求
  • 所有188類別商業投資臨時簽證如申請人在 三年 後滿足要求,就可以申請永久居留權。現時的188B 和 188C 需要等四年才能申請PR

These two changes allow the visa applicant more time to meet the Subclass 888 visa requirements, but they are able to apply for PR as soon as three years. Current 188 visa holders may have to wait for four years before they can apply for PR. Please check the pathway to PR sections in our website for each of these streams for more information.

3. 提高 188A 簽證的營業額和資產要求

  • 年營業額要求從 500,000 澳元增加到 750,000 澳元
  • 資產要求從 800,000 澳元增加到 1,250,000 澳元

There does not appear to be any other dollar amount related requirement changes for other streams (except 188E which is explained below).

4. 188E 企業家簽證需要州或領地政府的認可

  • 此簽證申請人現需要得到州或領地政府的認可
  • 200,000澳元的資金門檻要求將被取消

State or Territory government endorsement will be introduced for 188E so applicants will not only be required to meet the visa requirements, but will now require endorsement. Another change means the currently required AUD200,000 eligible funding agreement is no longer needed.

5. 簽證延期的更改

  • 188C 簽證延期將從原來的4年延期更改為現在的 2年延期,最多2次
  • 188A 簽證延期保持不變,僅延長2年

Given the 5 year visa validity change mentioned above, essentially all visas have been given additional time to meet their 888 visa requirements.

Source: Ministers Home Affairs website


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