Are you an IT Professional? (1)

For Australian points-tested skill migration, you must have an occupation in the ANZSCO database. As an IT Professional, you can check the ANZSCO group 26 occupations. There are 3 main categories in this group, namely:
1) Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers
2) Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists
3) ICT Network and Support Professionals

There is a total of 21 different occupations, ranging from Analyst Programmer, ICT Business Analyst, ICT Security Specialist, Network Administrator, and Web Developer to name a few. Each occupation belongs to an Occupation List, and affects which skill work visa you can apply. For example, 11 of these occupations are in the MLTSSL list, meaning you can apply for subclass 189, 190, and 491 visas. An example occupation in this list is ICT Business Analyst.

澳洲移民職業清單No. of ICT Occupations in this listExample Occupation in this list
MLTSSL11ICT Business Analyst
STSOL10Network Administrator

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