Not Enough Points for Skill Migration?

Are you looking to migrate to Australia, but do not have enough points for Skill Migration? For points-tested work visas, you need a minimum of 65 points to submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI). However, you probably will not get invited to apply for your work visa. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical applicant with high 105 points. Mary completed her University Bachelor degree in Regional Australia, and stayed to work for 2 additional years. She then returned to her home country and had a long career of 9 years in the same field. She is now 32 years old, and still single. With her education background in Australia, and did some revisions courses, she was able to obtain a strong IELTS score of 8. Mary would have no problems getting invitation to apply for her work visa.

However, another hypothetical candidate, Peter, has only 60 points, and is below the minimum point of 65. Peter completed his Bachelor degree in his home country, and never studied or worked in Australia. He does have over 10 years of working experience. He is now 35 years, married with 2 young kids. His English is fine but was only able to score a 6 in IELTS. His wife is also able to score a 6 in IELTS. She is a stay-home mum looking after the kids.

The best thing Peter can do is to work on his English skills. He should take some IELTS revision courses, and generally use more English in his day-to-day life. He needs to target for a score of 7 or even 8 in IELTS. A 7 gives him additional 10 points making a total of 70 points. Peter should consider a Regional Work visa as this will give him additional 15 points making a total of 85 points. He should be able to submit his EOI and wait for State nomination.

Mary and Peter should also get expert migration advice from a registered migration agent.

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