From 1 November 2021, parents of an adult Australian will be allowed to travel to Australia. Parents have been added to the list of “immediate family member” for travel purposes. Prior to this announcement, only the following people are considered as immediate family member for travel purposes:

  • a spouse
  • a de facto partner
  • a dependent child
  • a legal guardian

Being an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or New Zealand usually resident in Australia, you can apply for an exemption and travel to Australia. You can apply for an exemption on the government’s website here. You will be required to provide evidence of your immediate family member’s Australian citizenship or permanent residency, or of being a New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia. Examples of evidence you can provide include:

  • Australian passport, Australian citizenship certificate and/or Australian birth certificate
  • evidence of permanent residence in Australia
  • evidence of New Zealand citizenship and usual residency in Australia; and
  • you must provide evidence of your relationship to the Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen who is usually resident in Australia.

Parents must hold a valid visa to enter Australia. You can contact us for more detail or assistance with applying for a visitor visa or other types of visas you may be eligible for.

Source: https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/immediate-family-australian-citizens-or-permanent-residents-or-new-zealand-citizens-usually-resident-australia


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