The Right Time to Migrate !

Are you ready to migrate to Australia? Do you have enough business turnover or investment portfolio for 188 visa? The Australian Dollar is trending down against the Hong Kong Dollar, and other major currencies. This is beneficial to intending migrants. Let me share some examples how this trend can help you.

First, let us look at the currency trend. Take the currency trend of AUD against HKD for Year-To-Date this year. An Australian Dollar converts to 5.46 Hong Kong Dollar on 1st January, and only 5.12 just yesterday on 26th February; that is a 6.2% discount. If we compare yesterday against 1st January in 2019, and 2018, we can see similar trend. There is a discount of 7.2% and 16.1% respectively.

For Australian migration, a number of visas require you to show you have sufficient funds. A low Australian Dollar means you require less Hong Kong Dollar to meet the same requirements. Other visas, like the Business Innovation and Investor visa (i.e. Subclass 188), you may require sufficient amount in business turnover, or investment portfolio. For Subclass 188A, you need AUD500,000 annual business turnover. That converts to HKD2,560,000 yesterday, a discount of 16.1% or HKD490,000 from HKD3,050,000 on 1st January, 2018.

It is also very beneficial for purchasing an Australian property. If you migrate to Australia, buying an Australian property is one of the first thing you may want to do.

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