Are you an IT Professional? (3)

For Australian points-tested skill migration, you must submit an Expression Of Interest and have the government invite you before you can apply for your visa. The government releases new invitations each month. Their main criteria for invitations are based on your EOI points, and the time you submit your EOI. Higher EOI points are invited first, and when 2 people have the same points, the one who submitted their EOI earlier is invited first. Invitation data released by the government is for Subclass 189 and Subclass 491 (Family Sponsored) visas. For example, the occupations in Software and Applications Programmers group received 298 invitations in the month of January, 2020. This makes a total of 1,156 invitations for the 2019-20 migration year. For reference, this occupation has a Ceiling of 8,748, which means there is around 86.8% ceiling left for new invitations.

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