We are an Australian Registered Migration Agent based in Hong Kong. We offer professional services to help you achieve your Australia migration goals. Working with you to understand your requirements, we can work out your most suitable Australia migration path. Australia migration has many visa options, but you can find information on some of these on our web site. We can assist you with visas in Work, Study, Business and Investor, and Partner, and more.

Our registered migration agent achieved his registration since 2015. He also has a law degree with Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the UK. Being registered as a migration agent ensures we have the knowledge, skill set, and experience in working with the complicated Australian Migration Laws.

Being a registered education agent in Australia (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Q327), we also offer advice on Australia courses and education providers. We are able to advise and help you with enrollment applications for many Australian schools, including the Group of Eight Australian universities.

No matter at which stage you are with your migration path, we can help. Start with our free initial assessment.


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    • WA Invitations issued on 1 October 2021
      Invitations issued on 1 October 2021 for State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) ​Intending visa subclassSNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 1 ​SNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 2 SNMP Graduate stream – higher education graduates​SNMP Graduate stream – vocational education and training graduates​Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)60​411713​Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)40​1962212 Profiles of the last invited expression of interest (EOI) This does not take into […]
    • Fully vaccinated Australians can travel without exemptions from November
      On 1 October 2021, the Australian government announced that starting around November 2021, fully vaccinated Australians will be eligible for international travel without first seeking an exemption. The announcement says “within weeks, large parts of the country will be moving to Phase B and then to Phase C of the National Plan to safely reopen […]
    • Australia Migration Updates – September 2021
      There are a number of important recent updates for Australia migration. Please click on the relevant links for further information and return to our website again for more migration updates. The Hon Alex Hawke MP recent announcement He has published an article on 21 September 2021 talking about the recent report published by the Department […]

    How do I choose a suitable Australia Migration visa?

    Are you looking for a business visa?

    If you are a business owner currently, and you intend to operate a business in Australia after your visa grant, you can consider:

    But, if you have no plans to operate a business, and have AUD2.5million to invest into managed funds, you can consider:

    If you do not own a business, but have some investments totaling at least AUD1.5million, and you will also invest AUD2.5million into managed funds you can also consider:

    Both 188A and 188B require you to live in Australia for a substantial period to qualify for a permanent visa.  What if you currently have a substantial business operation and you cannot spend the that time in Australia?  If you can spend at least 40 days a year, and you have AUD5million to invest into specified Australian investment products, you can consider:

    Are you looking for a skilled visa?

    If you can score really high points in the Express Of Interest calculation (say 85 points or above), and you do not want to be tied to a specific State or Territory in Australia, you should consider:

    If you do not have a really high score, and you do not mind requesting for State nomination and live in a specific State or Territory in Australia, you can consider:

    If your scores are quite low, and require additional 15 points to make the minimum 65 points, and you do not mind living and in regional Australia, you can consider:

    Enquire our services for Australia visas

    Business & Investor

    Suitable for experienced business owners and investors

    Skilled Migration

    Suitable for skilled professionals with eligible qualifications and work experience

    Global Talent Independent

    Suitable for highly talented professionals or academics with exceptional achievements

    Sponsored Migration

    Suitable for professionals who have employer sponsorship

    Temporary Graduate

    Suitable for recent Australian graduates looking for work visa


    Suitable for applicants looking to study in Australia


    Suitable for applicants with an Australian spouse or de facto partner

    Resident Return

    Suitable for former Australian PR visa holder looking to return to Australia

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