Certain visas will require a successful skills assessment. Therefore, you must have completed one and have a positive result before you can apply for your visas. For points-tested skill visas (such as Subclass 189, 190, and 491) where you first submit your Expression Of Interest, you must have a successful skills assessment before you can submit your EOI.

Skills assessment may not be required for employer sponsored visas (such as Subclass 186 and 187), but it is mandatory for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS) (Subclass 482). It is also mandatory for the Graduate Stream of the Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485).

Skills assessing authorities are in-charge of issuing skills assessments. A skills assessment involves checking your skills meet the standards required for the relevant occupation. Therefore, you first must have an occupation on the occupation list and that you meet the qualification and work experience required for that occupation.

Assessing Authorities

There are many assessing authorities, and you must contact the relevant assessing authority for your occupation. For example, most IT related occupations are assessed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Each assessing authority will have their own assessment criteria. For example, ACS will assess both your qualification and relevant work experience. If you have a qualification which is closely related to your occupation, then the amount of relevant work experience you also require to achieve a successful assessment will be lower compared to if your qualification is not closely related to your occupation. The chart below shows the number of work experience required for different combinations of qualifications and relevant work experience.

There is a lot of documentation involved in preparing for a skills assessment. Each assessing authority also have their own documentation requirements. It is advisable you contact us for assistance for your skills assessment and your visa application.

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