Are you an Accountant? (1)

For Australian points-tested skill migration, you must have an occupation in the ANZSCO database. As an Accountant, you can check the ANZSCO group 2210 occupations. There are 2 main categories in this group, namely:

1) Accountants
2) Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers

There is a total of 7 different occupations, ranging from Accountant (General), Company Secretary, to External Auditor, to name a few. Each occupation belongs to an Occupation List, and affects which skill work visa you can apply. For example, 5 of these occupations are in the MLTSSL list, meaning you can apply for subclass 189, 190, and 491 visas. An example occupation in this list is Accountant (General). Please note that one of the occupations in this list is not on any of these lists, so this occupation cannot be used for skill migration purposes. Please also note that Bookkeeper, Accounts Clerk, Cost Clerk and Payroll Clerk are not included in this group of occupations.

Occupation ListsNo. of Occupations in this listExample Occupation in this list
MLTSSL5Accountant (General)
STSOL1Company Secretary

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