WA Invitations issued on 1 October 2021

Invitations issued on 1 October 2021 for State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP)

​Intending visa subclassSNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 1 ​SNMP General stream –WASMOL schedule 2 SNMP Graduate stream – higher education graduates​SNMP Graduate stream – vocational education and training graduates
​Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)60​411713
​Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)40​1962212

Profiles of the last invited expression of interest (EOI)

This does not take into account any occupation or visa subclass caps applied.

Migration Services does not provide feedback on individual EOIs.

Qualification levelEOI pointsSubmission date
SNMP ​General stream – WASMOL schedule 1 Not applicable652/9/2021
SNMP General stream – WASMOL schedule 2​​Not applicable​10019/11/2019
SNMP ​Graduate stream – higher education graduates​Bachelor degree6517/7/2021
​​SNMP Graduate stream – vocational education and training graduatesCertificate IV859/6/2021

 Invitations issued during 2021-22 program year

SNMP General stream – WASMOL schedule 1190​658160206
​SNMP General stream – WASMOL schedule 1 491​57​70​40​167
​SNMP General stream – WASMOL schedule 2​​ 190​14​985​4​1003
SNMP General stream – WASMOL schedule 2​​ 491286115196597
​SNMP Graduate Stream – higher education graduates 190232147117496
SNMP Graduate Stream – higher education graduates 4910662288
​SNMP Graduate stream – vocational education and training graduates​ 190​18201351
​SNMP Graduate stream – vocational education and training graduates​ 491​0391251

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