Top 5 – Occupation Ceilings and Invitations March 2020

March invitations are released. Here are few Top 5 charts for March, 2020, showing Occupation Ceilings, Invitations, etc. Below are some of the interesting highlights:

• Invitations for Subclass 189 has risen considerably this month to 1,750 compared to 1,000 last month. This is the highest single month invitations for this migration year. However, invitations for Subclass 491 Family Sponsored decreased this month to 300 compared to 500 last month.
• Top Occupation Ceiling is Registered Nurses at 17,509, but in the total invitations so far, it is ranked only 5th at 646 invitations. In terms of Invitations made in March, it is ranked only 6th at 121, and does not show in the Top 5 March Invitations chart. Although Electricians has the 3rd highest ceiling, there had been 0 invitations in March.
• Top Total Invitations is Software and Applications Programmers at 1,908, and it also topped the chart for the March invitations at 464. The next highest total invitations is Accountants at 646. That’s a 299% gap between the two.
• There is a big difference of 299% between the top 2 March Invitations. The top invitation is for Software and Applications Programmers at 464 and the second top invitation is for Accountant at 155. Previous month’s 2nd top invitation was Civil Engineering Professionals, but in March, it fell down to 7th place. Four of the top 5 invitations in March are in the ICT group of occupations. ICT occupations continue to dominate the top invitations.

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