Visa Processing Times Update – August 2020

On 19th August, 2020, the Department of Home Affairs has updated their visa processing times for the month ending July 2020. The below table shows a selected number of visas with processing times for 75% and 95% of visas being processed for the current month and the previous month. Please visit our web page here to see the full list for the current month.

VisaStreamCurrent Month (75%)Current Month (90%)Previous Month (75%)Previous Month (90%)
100 – Partner (Migrant)20 months24 months12 months23 months
155 – Resident Return 5 Year6 days67 days28 days88 days
186 – Employer Nomination SchemeTransition 7 months9 months6 months8 months
186 – Employer Nomination Scheme visaDirect Entry6 months8 months4 months7 months
189 – Skilled IndependentPoints-Tested3 months15 months5 months14 months
190 – Skilled Nominated5 months8 months5 months6 months
300 – Prospective Marriage16 months29 months16 months18 months
309 – Partner (Provisional)15 months20 months16 months22 months
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visaNomination4 months5 months41 days87 days
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visaSponsorship42 days86 days62 days79 days
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visaShort-term4 months5 months3 months4 months
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visaMedium-term4 months5 months3 months4 months
485 – Temporary GraduatePost-Study Work4 months5 months4 months5 months
485 – Temporary GraduateGraduate Work4 months5 months4 months5 months
491 – Skilled Work Regional (provisional)State/Territory Government Nominated Regional63 days3 months77 days3 months
491 – Skilled Work Regional (provisional)Family Sponsored Regional80 days3 monthsProcessing times are not availableProcessing times are not available
500 – Student visaHigher Education Sector4 months4 months4 months4 months
500 – Student visaVocational Education and Training Sector4 months5 months86 days4 months
590 – Student Guardian4 months4 months4 months5 months

Sources: Department of Home Affairs

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