Australia Migration Updates – 16 August 2021

There are a number of important recent updates for Australia migration. Please click on the relevant links for further information and return to our website again for more migration updates.

1. Victoria government has added Digital Games Engineers to their 190 Occupation List.

On 10 August 2021, the Victorian government has added Digital Games Engineers to their occupation list for the 190 nominations. This is an addition to Cyber Security skills in the Digital target sector. Digital games engineers must have specialisation in coding, art direction, AI or physics programming. You can find more on their website here.

2. Queensland government has announced their Business & Skilled Migration program will open in September 2021.

Please ensure to visit our website regularly for the latest updates on their program status. You can find the State nomination status of all States in our summary page here.

3. Canberra’s latest Invitation Round for 11 August 2021

The latest invitation round was released on 11 August 2021. You can find the results below.

Matrix nominating Small Business Owners

  • 190 nominations: 0 invitations
  • 190 minimum Matrix score: 0
  • 491 nominations: 0 invitation
  • 491 minimum Matrix score: 0

Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders

  • 190 nomination: 4 invitations
  • 491 nomination: 0 invitations

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations: 

  • 190 nomination: 0 invitations
  • 190 minimum Matrix score: 
  • 491 nomination: 58 invitations
  • 491 minimum Matrix score: 65 (accountants: 95 submitted before June)

4. July 2021 Invitation Rounds released

The July 2021 invitation rounds were released on 6 August 2021. A total of 500 invitations were issued for Subclass 189 and 250 invitations for Subclass 491 Family Sponsored visas. The minimum points score for these 2 subclasses were 80 and 65 respectively. Please visit our webpage here for the detail of the invitation round.

5. New South Wales has updated their Skilled Occupation Lists

In the beginning of August 2021, the NSW Skilled Occupation List was updated. There are a total of 99 occupations in the 190 list. The 491 list is now divided into 3 streams (1, 2, and 3). Please visit our webpage here for the detail of the occupation lists.

6. Western Australia invitation rounds issued on 22 July 2021

The Western Australian government has issued invitations for the State Nominated Migration Program on 22 July 2021. Invitations were issued for Subclass 190 and 491 visas, and they were issued to the General Stream (WASMOL) and the Graduate Streams. Please visit our webpage here for detail of the invitation round.

7. Tasmania State Nominations opened on 4 August 2021

The Tasmanian government has opened their skilled migration program on 4 August 2021. Tasmania has been allocated nomination quotas for 190 and 491 visas of 2,200 and 1,100 places respectively. Please visit our webpage here for detail of their program.

8. Pharmacist Occupations added to the PMSOL

On 27 July 2021, the Australian government added 3 new occupations related to Pharmacists to the PMSOL. These are: Hospital Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, and Industrial Pharmacist. Please visit our webpage here for detail of the PMSOL.

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